“The restaurant taste has been awesome. The variety, beauty and taste of the food makes me want more of it. Moreover, eating out was bonding time outside of our sweet home”.

We know you mean all of those words. Honestly, we also felt the same until Tastetre arrived. Now you have more reasons to explore authentic /exclusive home cooked food  and spend more quality time with family or friends over a family get together or over a lunch or dinner.

Have you ever been tempted by the irresistible aroma that comes swaying from those neighborhood that leaves you craving for your comfort food?  What if you can taste the same sitting cozily at your home? So here is a chance for you to support the home chef in your city , who can cook and share awesome home food  in lieu of a small reward. Let’s support those amazing local home chefs so that they could earn a dignified living by serving you the best of food, sprinkled with lots of care , delivered to your homes.

 Come join us and taste the magic of exclusive home cooked food. 

Signup below and get going. Its authentic, Its Homemade and we are just starting up.

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