“Happiness is homemade”

TasteTre is backed by a fascinating vision of empowering community through good home food. A dedicated platform supporting the numerous home chefs around us looking for a venue to showcase their culinary journey and cuisines.

Tastetre is for all those home chefs working hard within the comforts / confines of their homes towards financial empowerment.

Born amid a pandemic time, as a community we can always stand out fighting the odds of difficult times. Losing sustainable incomes, many we know, donned the cap of passionate chefs, cooking out of sheer love and earning a living through. Find here some amazing home chefs in Trivandrum, Kerala and elsewhere with impeccable taste sense and some interesting stories too. Let`s celebrate the taste of home. Let`s grow along as the tree grows!

“” Tastetre  ””

The House of Home Chef

Tastetre is a one-stop place for your search for Homemade food and Home Cooked Food in Trivandrum. Home delivery to your home in Trivandrum, Kerala

Tastetre is a platform for home chefs and Homemade food in Trivandrum. Offering some of the best homemade or Home Cooked Food offering home delivery service in Trivandrum, Tastetre connects the passionate home chefs to the foodies in Trivandrum. Tastetre was born amid pandemic times to connect the home chefs to the community who wanted to try something new apart from the hotel and restaurant food. For those who miss the home food, Tastetre brings back the taste of home.

In our new way of fast life, we often are forced to stay away from home and one thing we often miss is the taste of our home-cooked food. While we enjoy the restaurant and hotel food at the end of the day we get bored with the monotonous taste and unhealthy eating by often relying on the hotel food. That is where we get the basics and crave for home food. The natural taste of wholesome meals and Home Cooked Food is something hard to replicate and that’s the reason why often even the restaurants and hotel advertise as “Home Made food” and “Home Made Taste”.

Tastetre came into limelight by solving this problem of bringing “Home chefs” forward and offering “Authentic homemade delicacies” to the foodies around. The key here is all the food are made against order on pre-order basis which ensures freshness and quality of the dish. Food is delivered piping hot to the customer doorstep/Office. Tastetre was a well appreciated initiative because often home chefs also missed the opportunity to get the visibility they needed since there primary business often relied on social media`s and limited word of the mouth publicity. With Tastetre both the customer and home chefs can now browse for exclusive homemade food online.

Tastetre now serves in Trivandrum city limits and is always expanding to other part of the city and state. The mission behind Tastetre is to act as a platform for all those who love to have homemade food and enjoy healthy living promoting and delivering delicious, healthy, hygienic, and freshly Homemade food / Home cooked meals to individuals and Corporates in Trivandrum Kerala. When some one orders food through Tastetre, they become part of the meal the home chef plans for her home for that day. You simply get a part of the home meals.

Homemade Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – Tiffin Service in Trivandrum – Home Delivered at your doorstep

Tastetre has also introduced a tiffin service offering Homemade / Homely and Home Cooked food on a daily, weekly, and monthly meal service basis delivered straight to your home or office in Trivandrum. Tastetre home chefs provide regular meal and tiffin subscription services for people at their convenience and avoid the hassle of everyday orders. Straight from the chef’s kitchen, the meal is packed in quality disposable packets for direct consumption and convenience. Customers can prebook the meal at their convenience at the scheduled time for timely delivery. Tastetre through its chain of home chefs offers 3 times meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) with home delivery at affordable budget-friendly rates. Going through challenging times, our health is of utmost importance and having trustworthy homemade authentic home-cooked food is a must. In a modern-day family where both husband and wife are employed, everyday cooking can sometimes be a challenge at the same time having hotel food consistently may invite its own risk. Even working women find it difficult to spend time in the kitchen on a weekday. Tastetre comes as an aid to such situations where you can trust the home-cooked food and homely meals at your convenience delivered to your home.

Homemade food in Trivandrum

Tastetre promotes healthy food and living and relies on the sustainable model of delivering Home cooked food to your doorstep from home chefs in Trivandrum. We are in our early days of operations and serves to Trivandrum city limits.